Saturday, December 28, 2019

Laurelhurst Park and All Saints Catholic Church Visit

Today was the day we finally made it out to Laurelhurst. This park, to simplify has a "vibe". It seems very tranquil on the surface but the energy feels chaotic. It almost feels like there's a glamour over the area.

The boundary of the Park 

A couple of videos orienting to the neighborhood are up on YouTube:

(Excuse the throat clearing, that's part of me doing my opening up/energy thing)

There's literally no reason that women should be drowning in this pond. Additionally? There's at least one more.

Why do women keep mysteriously drowning here?

The public restroom had a sinister vibe I can't explain. I didn't like this building.

More park

On to All Saints Catholic Church. The neighborhood is so old Portland that there are horse tie ups remaining on the curb next to the church.

The church is under some serious renovation, so not only was the chapel closed to the public today, the area in the parking lot where the mysterious well is supposed to be is Under Construction.

Parsonage/Annex area, the backside shown in the photo of the tree from Coe Circle.

The school next door, part of the old building complex.

 Familiar names on the cornerstone.

Looking for the well in the parking lot:

Mysterious patchouli smell outside:

And right across the street is Of course Coe Circle and Joan.

The back side of All Saints as seen from Coe Circle and this fabulous Tree Guardian of Joan's. 💜

I have a feeling this isn't the last entry you'll be seeing about Laurelhurst.

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